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Care and Cleaning of your Cabinetry

 - Kahle's custom made cabinets

Dust frequently with a soft cotton cloth.

Remove any spills, splatters, or standing liquid from cabinetry promptly with a clean, soft, cotton cloth using a blotting, rather than a wiping, action.

Clean as needed with a dampened cloth and dry immediately. To remove grease, food residue, or oils use a clean cloth dampened with a mild soap solution; dry immediately.

Avoid using the following: bleach, ammonia, cleaners with abrasive additives, mineral oil, citrus products, powdered cleaners, or scouring pads. Never allow oven cleaner to come in contact with any of your finished cabinetry.

We recommend a non-silicone based polish which can be applied as needed with a soft, clean cloth. Avoid the use of products formulated with waxes, petroleum solvents, or silicones.

Do not use a dish cloth or sponge to clean your cabinetry. They may contain remnants of food particles, grease, or detergents.

Excessive moisture should always be avoided. Do not drape damp dish towels or cloths over cabinet doors or drawers. Avoid placing coffee makers or other appliances where steam or heat vents directly onto cabinet surfaces.

Control humidity, extreme temperatures or humidity levels may cause wood to expand, contract, warp, or swell which may compromise the integrity of your cabinetry's finish.

 - Kahle's custom made cabinets
Kahle's implements environmentally sound practices throughout the manufacturing process. From securing raw materials from environmentally responsible vendors to exceeding mandated regulatory standards, you can be sure that the manufacturing of your cabinetry has very minimal impact on our surroundings. View our Environmental Commitment.